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Rose Gold Party Nails

Published November 28, 2016 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone! We’re only a few days away from the start of December and the countdown to Christmas has already started, which also means the start of party season! This year rose gold is the on trend colour for the season, so my first party nails of the season are a rose gold and black ombré.To recreate the look yourself you’ll need two rose gold polishes (a lighter and a darker one), a rose gold glitter to match the darker rose gold polish, a black polish, and a makeup sponge. You’ll also need some polish remover and cotton buds for clean-up. I also used a small nail art brush to apply vaseline around my nails to make clean-up easier. The polishes I’ve used here are Seashell, Ginger, Izzy Whizzy, and Jet Black, all by Technic. Since I was using glitter, I also used Technic’s peel off base coat to make removing it easier.

Step 1: once your base coat dries, apply one coat of the lighter rose gold polish and let it dry.
Step 2: apply all three polishes onto the makeup sponge like this and dab off the excess. You’ll need to repeat this inbetween each nail.
Step 3: sponge the colours onto your nails with the black polish at the tips. You’ll need to apply two to three layers so the polishes are opaque enough, so just remember to give each layer a few minutes to dry before adding the next.
Step 4: use the corner of the sponge to dab some glitter polish over the darker rose gold.
Step 5: clean up around your nails, apply topcoat, and you’re ready to party!
I really hope you liked this design and try it out yourself. If you want a more subtle look you can always skip the glitter polish step, or add a matte top coat.

Have fun and stay safe,

Kirsteen x


Last Minute Christmas Party Nails

Published December 21, 2015 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve all been enjoying your Christmas parties so far, and incase you’ve got any last minute parties I’ve got some last minute party nails for you! 

 Instead of the usual bright, red or green Christmas nails, I went for a soft and girly option. To recreate it you’ll need a pastel pink base colour, a pastel glitter polish, a nude polish, nail striping tape, and some bow nail decals and gems. 

 I’ve used Technic’s Candy, Ice Cream Ella, Chocolate Milkshake, and to make it easy to get off I’ve used their new peel off base coat. The bow nail decals and gems I’ve used are some of the goodies I got from my Technic advent calendar. The great thing about the decals and gems is they are self adhesive, so no nail glue or extra topcoat needed.

  Step 1: if you have any, apply a layer of peel off base coat and let it dry.
  Step 2: apply one coat of your pastel base colour.
  Step 3: apply your glitter polish to the bottom third of your nails and let if dry.
  Step 4: tape off the bottom third of your nails like this.
  Step 5: fill in the rest of your nails with your nude polish and remove the tape straight away.
  Step 6: using tweezers, carefully peel the bow decals off the backing paper and place them over the line between polishes.
  Step 7: place the gems in the centre of the bows.
 Step 8: clean up around your nails, apply a thick layer of topcoat to smooth everything out, have a glass of bubbly while they dry, and you’re done! 

I really hope you liked this design, and have a brilliant time over the holidays. Thanks for looking, Merry Christmas!

Kirsteen x