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Easy Marble Nails

Published August 29, 2016 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. Marble nails are back and everywhere right now, so this week’s post is about how to get the look easily, and quickly. It can be done with either a black or white base, but I’ve done both here just to demonstrate.For it you’ll need a black and a white polish, some cling film/plastic wrap, and very thin nail art brush.I’ve used Technic’s White and Jet Black.

Step 1: once your base coat dries paint your nails with either two coats of white, or two coats of black polish and let them dry.
Step 2: take the opposite of your base colour, apply a little to your scrunched-up piece of cling film, dab off the excess, then dab over your nails.
Step 3: repeat this again, except with the first polish to grey out the second polish slightly.
Step 4: dip your nail art brush in your second polish, wipe off the excess, and brush some whispy lines across your nails (if they look too solid, go over your nails lightly with the base polish and cling film again).
Step 5: clean up around your nails, apply a good amount of topcoat to help blur the ‘pattern’ a bit more, and you’re done!

I really hope you liked this easy design and hope you give it a go too, 

Kirsteen x


Autumn Flowers

Published August 22, 2016 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone! I’m back after a bit of a summer break with some easy Autumn flowers.

To give this look a go you’ll need a pale gold polish for your base, a pinky/ red/burgundy, orange, bottle green, and three dotting tools (small, medium, and large).

I’ve used Technic’s Seashell for my base colour, and Rosebud, Calypso, and Sea Foam for the flowers.
Step 1: once your base coat dries, apply two coats of your base colour and let it dry.
Step 2: using your large dotting tool and burgundy polish, place four dots together like this to start off the flowers.
Step 3: use your meduim dotting tool and orange polish, and place four smaller dots over the larger burgundy ones.
Step 4: place a dot in the centre of each group of dots with your green polish and medium dotting tool to finish off the flowers.
Step 5: with your small dotting tool, place a few green dots beside the flowers.
Step 6: clean up around your nails while your flowers dry, apply topcoat, and you’re done!

I really hope you liked this design and give it a try with your favourite Autumn polishes.

Kirsteen x