Autumn Leaf Inspired Nails

Published October 26, 2015 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. This week’s design is inspired by the lovely colours the leaves turn at this time of year. I have to say it’s one of my favourite things about Autumn!

 All you’ll need to try it out are four Autumn coloured polishes (yellow, orange, red, and bronze), a makeup sponge, and a thin nail art brush. 

 I’ve used Technic’s Canary, Sunset Strip, Tango Red, and Ginger.

  Step 1: apply two coats of yellow polish and let it dry.
  Step 2: paint blobs of yellow, orange, and red polish onto your makeup sponge.
  Step 3: dab this over your nails.
  Step 4: repeat this another one or two times to build up the colour until you’re happy with it.
  Step 5: take your thin brush dipped in the red polish and paint some wavy lines branching out from the base of your nails.
  Step 6: clean your brush and lightly go over the lines with your bronze polish, this will be the ‘vains’ of the leaves.
  Step 7: clean up around your nails, apply a topcoat to blur the colours more, and you’re done!

I really hope you liked this design, thanks for looking,

Kirsteen x


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