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5 Easy Halloween Nail Designs

Published October 27, 2014 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. This weeks post is a long one as its a halloween five-in-one, and of course they’re all easy!

IMG_4192.JPG I’ve used a pile of polishes (all from Technic) so I’ll list what I’ve used for each design as I go. The only tools you’ll need are a small, a medium and a large dotting tool. If you don’t have dotting tools you can use a toothpick, a dry ballpoint pen and the end of an kirby grip/bobby pin. Remember to apply a base coat before you start!

Tips: dab the excess polish off the makeup sponge before sponging it on your nails; let each layer of polish dry before adding the next detail to avoid denting or smudging the layer under it & to avoid colours running together; clean your dotting tools with polish remover in between each colour.

Bloody Zombie Nails

This is one of two zombie skin nails I tried out and are inspired by a design by HelloMaphie. You can find her on YouTube and Instagram @hellomaphie.

IMG_4155.JPGFor this you’ll need a nude, a mossy green, a dark purple (bruise coloured), a dark red, a makeup sponge and a thin drinking straw. My polishes (l-r) are Moon, Damson, South Pacific and Persian Rose.

IMG_4195.JPG•Step 1: apply two coats of nude polish and let it dry.

•Step 2: sponge on the purple polish, but don’t completely cover the nail.

•Step 3: repeat step 2 with the mossy green polish.

•Step 4: lightly sponge on the red polish at the edges of the nail.

•Step 5: dip the straw into the red polish, hold it at an angle and a few centimetres away from your nail, and blow hard to splatter it (do this 2 or 3 times a different angles).

Pumpkin Nails

IMG_4160.JPGFor this design you’ll need black, white, orange, a large and a small dotting tool. I used Jet Black, White and Sunset Strip.

IMG_4196.JPG•Step 1: apply two coats of black and let it dry.

•Step 2: dip the large dotting tool into white polish, dab it in an oval shape and fill it in. I’ve done two but you can do more if your nails are longer.

•Step 3: dip the large dotting tool in the orange polish and go over the white (this makes the orange stand out better against the black background). Let them fully dry.

•Step 4: dip the small dotting tool in the black polish and dab on two eyes on each pumpkin shape. For the mouth dab a line of dots or a zigzag.

Spider Nails

IMG_4159.JPGHere you’ll need a black, a white, a large dotting tool and a small one. I used Jet Black and White.

IMG_4198.JPG•Step 1: apply two coats of white and let it dry.

•Step 2: dip the large dotting tool in the black polish, dab it in a rough circle and fill it in to make the spider’s fuzzy body.

•Step 3: dip the small dotting tool in the black polish and paint 8 upside down ‘V’s (4 on each side) for the legs.

•Step 4: place 2 white dots with the small dotting tool where you’d like the eyes to be, dip it in black polish and dab it lightly in the centre of each for the pupils.

Eyeball (or witch’s boil) Nails

Originally these were supposed to be eyeballs, but they didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked. They look a little like the boils you’d see on a witch mask instead. Either way it’s a good halloween look!

IMG_4158.JPGFor this you’ll need a black, a white, a bright green or yellow, and your small, medium and large dotting tools. I’ve used Jet Black, White and Mimosa.

IMG_4197.JPG•Step 1: apply two coats of black polish and let it dry.

•Step 2: dip the large dotting tool in white polish and place large white dots where you want the eyeballs (or boils) to be.

•Step 3: using the medium dotting tool place a dot of your green/yellow polish in the middle of each white spot.

•Step 4: with the small dotting tool, place a black dot in the middle of the green/yellow dots for the pupil.

•Step 5: dip the small dotting tool in white polish and lightly dap a small spot of white, off centre, in each black dot for a highlight.

Stitched-Up Zombie Nails

For the last design you’ll need the same polishes from the first design along with a black. You’ll also need a small dotting tool and a makeup sponge. I used Moon, South Pacific, Damson, Persian Rose and Jet Black.

IMG_4194-0.JPG•Step 1: apply two coats of your nude and let it dry.

•Step 2: sponge on your mossy green polish, again don’t completely cover the base colour.

•Step 3: sponge on the purple polish (doing green then purple will make it look more bruised).

•Step 4: sponge on a little red around the edges and across the middle.

•Step 5: with the small dotting tool and black polish draw lines across your nail at different angles (again I’ve done 2 but you can do more if your nails are longer).

•Step 6: again using the small dotting tool and black polish, draw several short lines across the longer lines to look like stitches.

IMG_4192-0.JPGLastly for all five designs, don’t forget to apply your topcoat!.

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and liked the designs. Thanks for reading.

Kirsteen x


Easy Mermaid Nails

Published October 20, 2014 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. Before I get into the design I’m really excited to tell you that I’ll be doing a weekly tutorial for Technic. They were amazing and sent me their full range of polishes to use and will post my designs and a link to the tutorial every Tuesday. If you would like to take a look at their Facebook page, you can find it here:

IMG_4142.JPGMy first design are these mermaid scale nails. As you can see from the picture they definitely don’t have to be neat! You’ll need an aqua green polish for your base colour, an aqua green glitter, a pearly gold for the scales and a very small dotting tool or toothpick.

IMG_4134.JPGHere’s the polishes I used. From left to right they are Zephyr, Emerald Eevi, Seashell, and clear topcoat.

IMG_4135.JPGStep 1: apply two coats of your aqua green and let it dry.

IMG_4136.JPGStep 2: apply one coat of the glitter polish and let it dry.

IMG_4137.JPGStep 3: to give you a smooth surface to work on, apply one coat of topcoat and let it fully dry before moving on to avoid denting the polish.

IMG_4138.JPGStep 4: dip your dotting tool (or toothpick) in your pearly polish and draw a line of small, curved lines along the base of your nail.

IMG_4139.JPGDraw a second row of curves over the spaces in between the first row.

IMG_4141.JPGRepeat this, alternating the lines for the rest of your nails and they should turn out something like this.

IMG_4142-0.JPGStep 5: clean up around your nails, apply your topcoat and your done!

I really hope you liked this tutorial. I loved using these polishes and I’m looking forward to using them in a tutorial every week, I hope you’ll like seeing them!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next post.

Kirsteen x

Easy Marble Spiderweb Nails

Published October 14, 2014 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone, as promised here’s my first Halloween tutorial. It’s a quick and easy to do design, and all you need is a white polish, a black polish, and something to drag the polish with. I used a thin nail art brush, but a toothpick will work just as well.

IMG_4108.JPGThe polishes I used are Rimmel’s White Hot Love and Barry M’s Black. The technique was inspired by nail art blogger Sveta Sanders. You can see all her gorgeous designs on her Instagram page @sveta_sanders. (Tip: try working one nail at a time when doing steps 2, 3 & 4.)

IMG_4109.JPGHere’s what I used for this design.

IMG_4101.JPGStep 1: once your base coat has dried, apply one coat of white polish and let it dry.

IMG_4103.JPGStep 2: apply a thicker second layer of white polish and move onto the next step while it’s still wet.

IMG_4104.JPGStep 3: using the polish brush, drag two strips of black across the wet polish. Again move onto the next step while the polish is still wet.

IMG_4105.JPGStep 4: drag your brush/toothpick through both strips of the black polish and right to the edge of your nail. Be careful not to press to hard, you don’t want to lift the layer of white underneath.

IMG_4106.JPGOnce you’ve done all your nails it’ll look something like this.

IMG_4108-0.JPGStep 5: clean up around your nails, apply your topcoat and your done.

I really hope you liked this tutorial, thanks for reading!


A Little Update

Published October 12, 2014 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything here. My nails haven’t been in the best condition over the summer, so I cut down on how frequently I was doing them. They’re now back in shape and I’ve got some tutorials/designs I want to try. There will be a few halloween ones, first one early this week.

I’m also thinking of adding some extra content to the blog. It’ll still be nail art related stuff, but instead of just my own tutorials, I’d like to share some tutorials & designs I’ve tried out by other nail artists. I was thinking a post like that maybe once a week or every two weeks.

Until then I’d like to share some designs I’ve tried out recently.

IMG_4084.JPGI wore these out at the weekend to match the colours in my dress. They were inspired by a splatter design by Orlando based nail tech/artist Nuni Torres. You can find him on Instagram @nunis_nails.

IMG_4041.JPGI copied this design from a set of nail wraps I found in Wilkinsons a few weeks ago. I always make a mess of nail wraps, so I painted the design instead.

IMG_4031.JPGThird is my favourite budget manicure. This only cost me £3! I bought three MUA polishes (Leapfrog, Sweet Peach & Red Rose) at £1 each. I used the brushes in the polishes to make the spots & used a toothpick & some black polish I already had for the leopard print.

IMG_3767.JPGI loved this design & wore it for nearly a week! It was inspired by designs by Youngwildandpolished and Chalkboardnails. Search for Hand Painted Splatter on their YouTube channels to see their tutorials.

IMG_3868.JPGLastly is this monochrome camouflage design. It was originally inspired by a WAHNails design and I’d done it before in pastel colours. You can see this one on my Instagram. For a tutorial check out the WAHNails YouTube page.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked these designs. Also if you any feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment and let me know.

Kirsteen x