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Lemon Rose Nails

Published May 11, 2014 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone, I’ve got a quick and easy spring/summer design today. The colours I chose were inspired by @hellomaphie’s lemonade design. You can see her design, and what inspired me, here:

For the design you’ll need white polish for your base, a pale yellow for the roses, light green for the leaves, darker yellow and green for detailing, a medium dotting tool and a fine nail art/detailing brush. If you don’t have any nail art tools you can use a dry ball point pen and a toothpick instead. Here I used Essie’s Blanc for my base colour, Nails Inc’s Notting Hill Carnival for the roses, Essie’s Sew Psyched for the leaves, and Beauty UK’s Yellow and Technic’s Sea Foam for the details.

20140511-144019.jpgHere’s everything I used for this design.

20140511-144113.jpgStep 1: Once your base coat dries, paint your nails with two or three coats of your white polish and let it fully dry.

20140511-151823.jpgStep 2: Dip your dotting tool in your light yellow polish and paint a few blobs randomly on your nails.

20140511-152002.jpgStep 3: Dip your detailing brush/toothpick in your light green polish and paint two or three rough triangles around each of the blobs to create leaves.

20140511-152231.jpgStep 4: Using your detailing brush/toothpick and the darker yellow and green polishes, create some details on the roses and leaves. Paint some small curves on the roses and lines on the leaves (remember to clean your brush/toothpick in between each colour).

20140511-152954.jpgStep 5: Dip your clean brush/toothpick in your white polish and add some highlights to the roses and leaves.

20140511-153235.jpgStep 6: Clean up around your nails, apply your topcoat and your done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for looking, Kirsteen.