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Removing Glitter Polish

Published August 21, 2013 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. As much as I love glitter polish, getting it off again is messy and takes a while. I came across this method of removing it in a few YouTube videos. It sounds (and looks) odd but it works wonders. You’ll need nail polish remover, five cotton wool pads/balls, five strips of tin foil and cuticle cream (not oil). You can use petroleum jelly if you don’t have cuticle cream. This stops your cuticles drying out.

20130821-231136.jpgHere’s what I used to remove my glitter polish.

20130821-231723.jpgStep 1: rub a little cuticle cream/petroleum jelly into your cuticles.

20130821-232126.jpgStep 2: soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover and wrap it around your nail.

20130821-232339.jpgStep 3: wrap a strip of tin foil around your nail and the cotton wool.

20130821-232600.jpgDo this for all five fingers and leave them for ten minutes.

20130821-232923.jpgStep 4: unwrap the tin foil and your polish will wipe off easily. Use the cotton pads and foil strips again to repeat the process on your other hand.

20130821-233148.jpgStep 5: once all your fingers are glitter free wash your hands with soap and water, rub in some more cuticle cream and your ready for your next manicure.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for looking, Kirsteen.


Denim Effect Nails

Published August 9, 2013 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. I decided on denim nails after getting a couple of emails from Nails Inc about their new denim effect polish. I loved the idea, but the price put me off. You can buy a denim ‘Bling It On’ pack for £19 which contains the denim effect polish and star shaped studs. The polish on its own is £12. I was tempted but couldn’t justify paying that much for something I won’t wear all that often. Instead I created my own denim effect nails for a lot less. You’ll need a medium blue polish, a dark blue polish, a makeup sponge, a gold nail art pen or gold polish and a toothpick, small rhinestones and a matte top coat. I used Beauty UK’s Blue Moon (£2.49), Technic’s Deep Sea (99p), a Sally Hansen nail art pen in gold (£1.99), silver rhinestones (99p from Ebay), and Rimmel’s Matte Top Coat (£2.29 in a sale). The makeup sponge I already had. If you don’t have any you can buy a cheap pack from £1. Altogether this design cost me £8.75.

20130809-235719.jpgHere’s everything I used for this design. Instead of using the full makeup sponge, I cut a small wedge out of it to make sponging the polish less messy.

20130810-000050.jpgStep 1: after your base coat is dry, apply two coats of your medium blue and let it dry.

20130810-000235.jpgStep 2: apply some dark blue polish to your makeup sponge, dab off the excess and sponge one coat over your nail. You’ll need to apply polish to the sponge for each nail (remember to dab of the excess). This will give the slightly uneven colour your jeans have.

20130810-000943.jpgStep 3: with your nail art pen (or toothpick dipped in gold polish) draw two rows of stitches across the tip of each nail. On your thumbs and ring fingers add stitches in a ‘v’ shape to make it look like pockets.

20130810-001345.jpgStep 4: on your ‘pocket’ nails, put a dab of top coat on each corner and stick a rhinestone on each corner. Let this dry.

20130810-001722.jpgStep 5: clean up around your nails, apply your matte top coat and let it dry.

Nails Inc also do a leather effect polish which you can buy on its own or in a ‘Bling It On’ pack for the same prices as the denim one. You can create this effect in much the same way: apply one coat of black (or a pastel or nude polish) and let it dry; sponge on a second coat and use a silver nail art pen and silver nail studs to decorate. Apply a matte top coat. Again this will cost a lot less!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for looking, Kirsteen.

Ikat Print Nails

Published August 3, 2013 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. Sorry about the lack of posts this month. Today’s tutorial is quick and easy. Ikat print has been everywhere in the last year or so and is really easy to recreate. I was inspired by MissJenFABULOUS’s tutorial on YouTube. You can see her video here: While your there check out her other great tutorials. For this design you’ll need a base colour, a second contrasting colour, and two stripers in black and white. If you don’t have stripers you can use the brush that comes with normal black & white polishes and a toothpick for the black outline. Ikat print is characteristically uneven and fuzzy, which makes it great for beginners. Here I used Essie’s The More The Merrier for my base colour, Sunday Funday for my second colour, and my nails pens came in a two pack from Primark.

20130803-235241.jpgHere’s everything I used for the design.

20130803-235918.jpgStep 1: apply your base coat and let it dry.

20130804-000814.jpgStep 2: apply two coats of your base colour and let it fully dry.

20130804-001055.jpgStep 3: using your white striper (or polish brush) paint long triangles coming from the base and tips of your nails, leaving some space in between. Let these dry.

20130804-001329.jpgStep 4: using your second colour, paint a blob of colour inside each white triangle. You can use the brush it comes with for this. Let it dry.

20130804-001621.jpgStep 5: take your black striper (or a toothpick dipped in black polish) and outline each white triangle by painting small, thin lines. Build them up so the finished outline appears fuzzy. Just remember it doesn’t have to be neat.

20130804-001924.jpgStep 6: paint a black blob in the middle of each coloured blob. Let the black polish fully dry so it won’t smudge when you apply your top coat.

20130804-002133.jpgStep 7: clean up around your nails, apply your top coat and let it dry.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for looking, Kirsteen.