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Cherry Nail Design

Published June 28, 2013 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone, I’ve got an easy and quick design today. You’ll need a light base colour: a pastel, cream or white, a red polish, red glitter polish, green polish, a large dotting tool and a small dotting tool. If you don’t have dotting tools you can use the end of a dry ball point pen or the head of a sewing pin for the large and a toothpick for the small one. Here I used Essie’s Limo-Scene as my base colour, Beauty UK’s Coral, Sage Green and Technic’s Christmas Cracker.

20130628-172017.jpgHere’s everything I used for this design.

20130628-172354.jpgStep 1: once your base coat dried, apply two coats of your base colour and let it fully dry.

20130628-172713.jpgStep 2: dip your large dotting tool in red polish and apply pairs of red dots to your nails. I’ve done two pairs, but you can do more or less depending on the length of your nails.

20130628-172941.jpgStep 3: dip your small dotting tool in green polish and draw small, curved lines coming out each red dot and join, making one slightly longer.

20130628-173550.jpgStep 4: once the red and green polish has dried, dip your large dotting tool in the red glitter polish and apply it over the red dots and let it dry.

20130628-173843.jpgStep 5: clean up around your nails, apply your top coat and let it dry.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial, thanks for looking, Kirsteen.


Nail Care Tutorial

Published June 12, 2013 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. Instead of a nail art tutorial I thought I’d do a nail care tutorial and share my nail care routine with you. For a regular nail care routine you should have acetone free nail polish remover, cotton buds & cotton wool pads, a fine nail file, nail buffer, sharp nail clipper/scissors, orange sticks or a cuticle pusher, cuticle oil/cream, and your choice of hand cream.

20130612-192411.jpgThis is everything I use. I do most of this every time I remove my nail polish. My nails tend to peel and split so I use acetone free nail polish remover then wash my hands with soap and water.

20130612-200328.jpgOnce I’ve removed my nail polish, I apply my hand cream. After hand cream I rub my cuticle cream into my cuticles. I use Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Massage Cream with Apricot Oil. You can use a cream or an oil, whatever you prefer. Once your cuticles are softened, gently push them back with an orange stick or cuticle pusher. Use your nail clippers or scissors to trim off any excess skin.

20130612-201206.jpgNext is filing and buffing. Since my nails are prone to peeling I usually only buff them once a month. I use a fine nail file to shape my nails once or twice a week, usually just when they need tidied up. If I think my nails are getting too long I’ll trim them straight across with nail clippers then shape with a nail file.
Tips: when buffing, don’t press down on the buffer block. Rub it gently over your nails for the best results. When filing, don’t saw back and forth with the file. This will cause splitting and peeling. Instead file in one direction into the middle.

20130612-202501.jpgAfter filing and buffing is cleaning up. To remove any dirt and residue gently rub with a nail brush then run a damp cotton bud under and around your nails. If your nails are stained from the nail polish you were wearing (mines were a little yellow from the neon polish I had on), you can dampen the cotton bud with polish remover instead of water. Once they’re clean wipe your nails with a cotton wool pad dampened with polish remover. This will remove any residue from your hand cream and cuticle oil.

20130612-203141.jpgOnce my nails are clean I apply a nail strengthener. This is optional, but as I mentioned my nails tend to peel. I like to use Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Strengthener and usually apply two or three coats and let it fully dry. Once it’s dry my nails are ready a for base coat and nail polish.

20130612-203626.jpgLastly, after my nail polish has completely dried, I apply some more hand cream and cuticle cream.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for looking, Kirsteen.