Multi-Coloured Polka Dot Design

Published February 23, 2013 by beginnersnailart

Hi everyone. Off out tonight so thought I’d share the nail art I’ve done for it. You can use any colour you like for this and it’s really quick. You’ll need a base colour, three bright colours for your dots, and two dotting tools: one large and one medium. Here I used Collection 2000’s Liquorice for my base, Technic’s Amethyst and Nails Inc’s St James for my large dots, Nails Inc’s Atomic for my smaller dots, and for my dotting tools I used the end of an eyeshadow brush and a dry ball point pen. I choose these colours to match my outfit for tonight. Enjoy!

20130223-160715.jpgHere’s everything I used for this design.

20130223-160802.jpgStep 1: apply your base coat and let it dry.

20130223-161006.jpgStep 2: apply two coats of your base colour and let it fully dry.

20130223-161109.jpgStep 3: dip your larger dotting in your 1st bright colour and apply dots to the tips and outside edges of your nails.

20130223-161307.jpgStep 4: clean your large dotting tool, dip it into your 2nd bright colour and apply dots over the 1st ones. The second lot of dots should overlap the 1st ones but not cover them up.

20130223-161735.jpgStep 5: dip your medium dotting into your 3rd colour and apply dots over the 1st and 2nd ones. Again, they should overlap but not cover up the other dots.

20130223-162600.jpgStep 6: clean up around your nails, apply your top coat and let it dry.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for looking, Kirsteen.


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